Welcome to the Billings Clinic Science Expo Grades 7-12

Important Dates & Times

Welcome to the Registration Process for Grades 7-8 and Grades 9-12

for the 

Billings Clinic Science Expo.

Registration Deadlines:

Grades 1-8:  Midnight, Friday, February 19, 2016.     Grades 9-12:  Midnight, Friday, February 5, 2016

Dates of Science Expo

Friday, March 18, (judging) & Saturday, March 19, (awards ceremony) 2016 


Montana State University-Billings



Students Main Page

Welcome to the Science Expo’s new on-line registration process.

  1. Pick a science or engineering topic that YOU are interested in.
  2. Read your grade level's respective Handbook (Rules & Guidelines) carefully.
  3. Choose an adult sponsor.  It may be your teacher, your parent or another interested adult.
  4. Develop your Research Project Proposal and then complete any forms you need.
  5. Register on-line at the bcse.zfairs.com website and, if you can, upload your completed forms.  If you cannot upload your forms, mail them to the Science Expo Office.
  6. Complete the Student Consent Form with signatures and mail that into the Science Expo office.
  7. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your registration and if you did not have a project that required additional forms, you can start your experiments.
  8. Students who select projects that involve human subjects, non-human vertebrates, recombinant DNA, pathogens, controlled substances or human/animal tissue must receive Science Expo approval.  Grades 9-12 projects will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee - read the handbook for exceptions.  Once the project proposals have been reviewed for safety, students will receive notice if the plans  are approved or if they should be modified.
  9. All rules, guidelines, state and federal laws governing safety in research and the ethical treatment of animals must be followed.
  10. It is expected that all projects that have safety issues and require the completion of any of the ISEF forms will wait for approval from either the Science Expo office (grades 7-8) or the Scientific Review Committee (grades 9-12) before proceeding.  An abstract is only needed when the project is presented at the Science Expo.
  11. If you have any questions, need project ideas, etc., please contact the Science Expo office at 406-657-4642 or mreviczkydolan@billingsclinic.org.  Address:  Billings Clinic Science Expo, 2917 10th Avenue North, Billings, MT  59101.


Teacher Main Page

Dear Teacher:
Thank you for dedicating your time and talent towards supporting student science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in Montana.

If you do not find your school on our list, please add it.  

The office does not require your home address information; your school phone and email address is much better for us to contact you if the Coordinator has a question.  Your students may register themselves or you can do it for them if they do not have a home email address.  

See you at the Expo. 

Judge Main Page

Please register before March 11, 2016.

As a judge, you have the option of choosing to be

  • a Regular Math & Science Judge
  • a Special Industry Judge
  • an Artistic Merit Judge

A Regular Math & Science Judge will  judge for the top 10 per grade and will be assigned from 5-9 projects to review independently.  Each project will also be assigned to 3 Regular Math & Science Judges.  This means that if there are 400 projects, we will need 130 to 240 people to sign up as Regular Math & Science judges.  Of course, the more judges we have, the fewer projects each will have and the faster the evening will be.

A Special Industry Judge will judge for one or more of our 90 plus National Industry or Local Industry Awards.  For example, there is one award for the Best In-vitro Experiment for all grade 11 projects.  At least two Special Industry judges will review all grade 11 projects that qualify for this award and select the winner.  These judges can work in teams if they wish.

An Artistic Merit Judge will help select the best artistic effort for each grade level:  Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8 and Grades 9-12.  


Please direct any questions or concerns to:  Marietta Reviczky-Dolan, 657-4642  mreviczkydolan@billingsclinic.org
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